The Seven Best Gaming Tablets in 2022

Gaming tablets have the ultimate say when it comes to gaming on the go and finding the best gaming tablet will make your gaming sessions much more enjoyable. They might not be as portable as gaming phones; but they come with certain advantages such as having a considerably larger screen, a longer battery life, and more computing power.

Criteria for finding the best gaming tablet are straightforward: resolution, battery, RAM, performance, screen size, audio, controller compatibility, and game availability. Moreover, accessory support is also important as we are seeing more and more gaming-related accessories on the market.

To avoid overheating and lags in performance, gaming, in general, requires specific and powerful hardware. However, with the advent of game streaming which shifts the PC power required to play games away from the user and onto a service provider gamers now have more options than ever before when it comes to selecting a suitable tablet for gaming on the go. This makes budget options a reliable gaming tablet as well!

Picking the best gaming tablet is a tough task. After all, there are lots of options, and these days, everyone seems to be making tablets that appear to be almost identical at first sight. That is why we prepared the list of the seven best gaming tablets you can get right now!

1. Apple iPad Pro (M1) – Best Gaming Tablet for Performance

Apple iPad Pro (M1) - Best Gaming Tablet for Professionals
Apple iPad Pro (M1)

The iPad Pro M1 is one of the most powerful tablets if not the most powerful in the current market. Everything about this device, from the display to the processor, is designed to deliver high-end performance, and gaming is no exception.

In terms of power, the 2021 iPad Pro features the Mac Apple Silicon M1 processor, as well as 8 to 16 GB of RAM, for a smooth gaming experience. All popular games, including PUBG, and Call of Duty may be played at high frame rates with no problems. Moreover, the USB-C port helps you connect your iPad Pro to any display easily to bring your gaming experience to the next level.

Overall, you will be surprised by the game experience. It won’t replace your gaming desktop, your Playstation, or your Xbox, but it will fill in the gaps between these devices whether you’re traveling, working and need a break, or sitting in a dull college lecture.

This is the best gaming tablet you can buy right now as it is as good as a tablet can get. However, it is still too expensive to just get it for gaming.


  • 120 Hz screen helps a lot in FPS games
  • Display is really sharp and gives high detail
  • M1 Chipset is as powerful as a tablet can get
  • 5G Cellular option is nice for online gaming on the go


  • Expensive
  • Fortnite is still not avialable in iOS as of writing

Seeven Score: 7 / 7

Link: Amazon (12.9″) // Amazon (11″)

2. Apple iPad Mini – Best Gaming Tablet for Traveling

Apple iPad Mini - Best Gaming Tablet for Traveling
Apple iPad Mini

The new 8.3-inch iPad Mini from Apple is an excellent revamp of the range. Apple’s smaller iPad Mini is now powered by the current A15 Bionic CPU, which offers up a slew of new possibilities and alternatives for the tiny powerhouse.

The 8.3-inch display is clear and bright enough for outdoor use as well as everything else. The performance of the new A15 Bionic chipset has guaranteed that the iPad mini will not struggle even for a second no matter what game you throw at it.

Unlike the 120Hz display in iPad Pro, iPad Mini has a 60Hz refresh rate display, which means you will not get a super-smooth experience playing games. However, you will still utilize the 60Hz at its maximum as the performance of A15 is strong enough to provide a constant 60 FPS. This is the best gaming tablet if you are looking for a compact option for traveling.


  • 5G cellular option is perfect for online gaming on the go
  • Lots of power in the compact and stylish design
  • High capacity storage
  • Display is sharp and bright enough to use outdoor


  • Battery life is not that good
  • 60Hz screen
  • A bit expensive

Seeven Score: 6.5 / 7

Link: Amazon

3. Amazon Fire HD 8 – Best Gaming Tablet for Kids

Amazon Fire HD 8

Despite not being one of the most powerful tablets on the market, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids has a lot of features that will help you educate your children while they play fun games. Let us be clear, you will not be able to play demanding games like PUBG or COD Mobile on this tablet neither your kids should be playing them at that age. You may, however, always choose this sort of technology and let your children make the most of it.

To begin with, the hefty plastic case would very certainly withstand everything your kids will throw at it. It will not even be bothered if it is sometimes dropped or bumped. Also, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition has several amazing child-safety features. Your kids will not be able to access social media or the internet unless you give them permission, and you will be able to set screen time limits and educational goals.

It is a tablet for kids, as the name suggests. It is meant to provide safe gaming time for your kids and keep them occupied so you can have some alone time. It is the best gaming tablet for your kids to watch their favorite shows, cartoons, and play some light games.


  • Parental features are helpful for controlling the kids access
  • Very durable tablet, can withstand all the damage from kids
  • Affordable


  • Hardware is not so good
  • Battery life is average

Seeven Score: 6 / 7

Link: Amazon

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus – Best Android Gaming Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus - Best Gaming Tablet for Android Games
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Samsung has made a reputation for itself in the highly congested tablet market, and its devices now compete with Apple. Galaxy Tab S7 Plus might be the best gaming tablet from Samsung so far. The S7 Plus is definitely one of the best Android gaming tablets if not the best thanks to its exceptional technology and a stunning 12.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate.

It has lots of firepower thanks to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus SoC, which allows it to power even the most demanding games, like PUBG, COD Mobile, or Fortnite. And yes, this is one of its advantages over the iPad Pro, Fortnite is available on Android! If you’re playing demanding games you will welcome the power and the 120Hz screen Galaxy Tab S7 Plus provides.

If the 12.4-inch screen is too much for you, there is also the Galaxy Tab S7 option with an 11-inch screen. However, it is important to note that you lose the 120Hz screen as you go from AMOLED to TFT LCD.


  • Storage is expendable
  • AMOLED 120Hz display is perfect for gaming
  • Has more than enough power for all high-end games
  • 5G cellular option is perfect for online gaming


  • Expensive
  • No headphone jack

Seeven Score: 7 / 7

Link: Amazon

5. Apple iPad – Best Gaming Tablet for Apple Arcade

Apple iPad - Best Gaming Tablet for Apple Arcade
Apple iPad

Next on the list, we have the iPad 9 from Apple on our list. Let’s make it clear, you don’t need an iPad Pro to enjoy everything Apple has to offer when it comes to tablets. The iPad 9 is a great all-arounder and the best gaming tablet for most people.

The regular iPad is a well-designed tablet with lots of advanced features underneath the hood. It has all you need from an everyday tablet, and thanks to the A13 Bionic chip it has more than enough power to tackle almost all games. Furthermore, the 10.2-inch Retina display ensures that everything appears great at all times.

The things that customers care about most in a budget tablet are the strong parts of the iPad: a fantastic display, outstanding build quality, and consistent performance. The iPad’s A13 Bionic chip, precision-crafted aluminum frame, and brilliant, vivid 10.2-inch display deliver on these fronts. This might be the best gaming tablet for most people and for sure it is the best one to jump into the Apple Arcade world.


  • Affordable price
  • Display quality is one of the best in this price point
  • Powerful chipset and nice storage capacity
  • Excellent battery life and cameras


  • No 5G support for celullar option
  • No Fortnite
  • Design feels outdated

Seeven Score: 6.5 / 7

Link: Apple

6. Samsung Tab A7 Lite – Best Budget Gaming Tablet

Samsung Tab A7 Lite - Best Budget Gaming Tablet
Samsung Tab A7 Lite

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a good gaming tablet. Sure, It does not have top-of-the-line capabilities, but it operates smoothly.

It’s a cheap tablet, so do not expect it to blow you away with the performance. You can still enjoy some high-demanding games on it, but you’ll notice lag now and then and will not get the full experience. It will not disappoint you with its performance as long as you do not forget that Galaxy Tab A7 lite was designed to consume media and play averagely demanding games.

The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has an 8.7-inches TFT screen and has a resolution of 1340 x 800 pixels. As a result, the pixel density is very low at 179 PPI, which is visible in regular usage. A slimmer design with lower bezels helps to preserve the impression of excellence; it not only looks modern but also allows for a bigger screen.

To sum up, Galaxy Tab A7 Lite will be able to handle most games with ease. It will only struggle if you ask it to run more demanding applications or many apps at the same time. This is the best gaming tablet if you are looking for the best value for the bucks.


  • Very affordable price
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Impressive performance for the price
  • Kids mode is useful for protecting children


  • 7″ screen can be small for some games
  • The display resolution is low

Seeven Score: 5.5 / 7

Link: Amazon

7. Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus – Best Budget Gaming Tablet with Large Screen

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus - Best Budget Gaming Tablet with Larg
Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus

Another good alternative for individuals who want to play games without breaking the bank but need a larger screen than Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is the Fire HD 10 Plus from Amazon. With a 10-inch 1080p IPS LCD display, this might be the best gaming tablet for you.

Whether you’re looking for media consumption or gaming, you will not be disappointed with the performance of this tablet. Of course, do not expect to play high-end games at 60 frames per second; it would be too much for the Fire HD 10 Plus to handle. You will be able to accomplish anything you want on the Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus, but you may have to wait a few milliseconds longer than you would want for certain tasks to finish.

One downside of the Fire HD Plus is it is running the Amazon Fire OS which is is a little clumsy. However, it doesn’t take away from the overall value as it is still running on Android and you can easily install Google Play Store.

This is an excellent tablet for everyday light-weight gaming, and it will set you back less than a typical video game. So, if you want to keep your wallet full while enjoying some mid-range games, this is the best gaming tablet for you.


  • Nice battery life
  • Good screen and speaker quality
  • Affordable price


  • There might be compatibility issues with some games
  • Installing Google Play Store is possible, but takes some time
  • Design and chipset is a bit outdated

Seeven Score: 4.5 / 7

Link: Amazon

And that’s it; these are the seven best gaming tablets that you can get. Hope this list helped you to pick the best tablet for your next gaming sessions. Don’t forget to check our list of the best board games on Amazon if you want to jump into board games with your friend as well!

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