7 Best Gaming Glasses for Eye Pain in 2022

If you have spent a long time playing video games and kept checking your phone during gaming breaks, you have probably experienced some discomfort such as blurry vision, headaches, eyestrain, or dry eye. Blue lights from your screen are the leading cause of any of those discomforts, and finding the best gaming glasses can be the best treat you can give to your eyes.

Blue Light can induce headaches, eye strain, and a decline in overall eye function. Your eye muscles flex in an abnormal manner as a result of the flashing blue light. If you have ever found it difficult to fall asleep late at night while gaming, it is because the blue light from the screen tricks your eyes into believing it is sunlight. Although some displays are designed to filter out blue light, it is difficult to completely eliminate it from a screen.

Fortunately, there are amazing gaming glasses available. Blue light is blocked out of your visual spectrum by these specifically designed lenses. Headaches, weariness, watery eyes, and even sleeplessness caused by the blue light are reduced with the gaming glasses. You can acquire a superb set of gaming glasses that can rapidly cure your vision difficulties. They are unobtrusive, like sunglasses, and they are one of those unusual things that solves the problem they are designed to tackle right away.

Moreover, gaming glasses not only improve your health, but they also provide you an edge in games by minimizing blue light, blur, and glare. So, if you decided to get gaming glasses to yourself but cannot decide what are the best gaming glasses for you, you came to the right place!

1. Gunnar Intercept – Best Gaming Glasses for Professionals

Gunnar Intercept - Best Gaming Glasses for Professionals
Gunnar Intercept

Gunnar is probably the most well-known manufacturer of high-end gaming eyewear. Gunnar’s Intercept is a fantastic illustration of how high-quality and functional their equipment is. These glasses have a large rim and a wide frame. As a result, it comfortably fits on practically every head size. So, whether you’re a youngster or an adult, these glasses will suit you well. You won’t have to worry about the frame stretching out after frequent usage because it’s built of polycarbonate.

These gaming glasses may filter up to 65% of the high-energy blue light emitted by a computer screen. The one-of-a-kind shape also reduces air currents around the eyes, preventing eye watering and ensuring optimum comfort. It also helps to remove distortion, blur, and contaminants, which are typical in less expensive gaming glasses.

Moreover, the lightweight frame of the Gunnar Intercept makes them quite pleasant to wear throughout the day. If you want to safeguard your vision while playing games or working on your computer, these might be the best gaming glasses for you.


  • Multiple frame designsoptions to pick from
  • Reduces air around the eyes
  • Lightweight design makes it comfortalbe to wear for extended periods


  • Bulky frame gets over the headset’s way
  • A bit expensive

Seeven Score: 6 / 7

Link: Amazon

2. Gunnar Razer – Best Gaming Glasses for RPG Games

Gunnar Razer - Best Gaming Glasses for RPG Games
Gunnar Razer

Gunnar has teamed up with gaming peripheral behemoth Razer to produce a line geared squarely at gamers. Razer’s assistance has resulted in a slick, streamlined, and attractive piece of eyewear made of an aluminum-magnesium frame, but the FPS edition glasses are much more than simply fashionable.

They come with nose pads that may be adjusted to ensure the best fit over the bridge of the nose. They have an anti-reflective coating, a scratch-resistant coating, UV light blocking, and an amber lens with a 65 blue light protection factor. They have Gunnar Focus lenses, which have a very subtle magnification. However, if necessary, they can also be obtained with a prescription.

They are not just stylish, but they are also well-made; the construction is unexpectedly sturdy. They are relatively light due to the magnesium-aluminum composition. They’re also quite comfortable because to the adjustable rubber nosepads and twin spring hinges, which are encased in an open dual rail design. They will not dig into your scalp even with a headset on; the tapering arms and many hinges let them to easily adjust to the curve of your head.

These might be the best gaming glasses out there if you are looking to protect your eyes in long gaming sessions with your headset on.


  • Aluminum frame makes them lightweight
  • Possible to get magnified lenses with prescription
  • Comfortable to use with a headset


  • Does not prevent dry eyes
  • Prescriped version is expensive

Seeven Score: 7 / 7

Link: Amazon

3. Gameking Ultra – Best Gaming Glasses for Glasses-wearers

Gameking Ultra - Best Gaming Glasses for Glasses-wearers
Gameking Ultra

Next on our list we have a relatively different gaming glasses. This Clip-on from Gameking is a gaming eyewear that can be effortlessly clipped on to your existing glasses. These glasses have a high contrast ratio and can help block out up to 85% of the dangerous blue light that a screen generates. Furthermore, it provides 100 percent UV protection, allowing you to wear it both indoors and outdoors.

The softness and comfort of these gaming glasses make them ideal for long periods of time. The nicest thing about these glasses is that you can clip them on to your current glasses. If you have poor vision and are given glasses, you know how difficult it is to acquire new prescription glasses every time. Moreover, prescription gaming glasses can be expensive.

You don’t have to go through all the trouble in this scenario. These clip-on glasses are compatible with your current lenses. You may also flip them whenever you want. If you are already using glasses, then these are the best gaming glasses you can get.


  • Can be used on top of your existing glasses
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight design


  • Limited options for lenses, not compatible with all frames
  • Not so durable

Seeven Score: 5.5 / 7

Link: Amazon

4. Gamma Ray Optics – Best Budget Gaming Glasses

Gamma Ray Optics - Best Budget Gaming Glasses
Gamma Ray Optics

Gamma Ray Optics’ gaming glasses are another excellent choice for eye protection. It is quite comfortable to wear while also maintaining a high level of flair. The frame is made of lightweight polycarbonate that is ergonomically intended to accommodate most individuals. This is the best gaming glasses for you if you want to keep both your budget and eyes safe.

These glasses, like other gaming eyewear, assist limit the quantity of blue light that enters the eyes. It reduces eye tiredness and pain caused by lengthy periods of computer use. Furthermore, UV 400 protection means you may wear these glasses outside and be comfortable the entire time.

On the downside, because they are essentially made of plastic, they are not as durable. If not properly cared for, they will only live 3-6 months.


  • Affordable price
  • Okayish design given the price
  • Good protection


  • Plastic frame is not that durable
  • Uncomfortable with the headset on

Seeven Score: 5 / 7

Link: Amazon

5. Gunnar Sheadog – Best Gaming Glasses for Comfort

Gunnar Mercury - Best Gaming Glasses for Lightweight
Gunnar Sheadog

We have another gaming glasses from Gunnar on our list, and this one is perfect if you are looking for a lightweight and comfortable glasses. It comes with a small customization as well as you can pick from one of the two frame colors, Onyx or Mercury.

Lenses on these glasses help to boost contrast while also reducing harmful blue light. It allows you to distinguish colors much better while also making gaming lot more comfortable. They can filter 65 percent of the harmful blue light that a screen generates, and 100 percent of UV radiation if you wish to wear them outside! Moreover, protective coating on the lenses reduces reflected light and glare, which helps with reducing stress and vision issues, and make these lenses more scratch-resistant and durable.

The ultra-lightweight steel frame seamlessly wraps around the head making it comfortable to wear with a headset. Alos, the nose pads are entirely adjustable to match your comfort needs. This might be the best gaming glasses out there if comfort is the most important factor for you.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Frame is solid built
  • Protective lenses are also suitable for outdoors
  • Compatible with headsets


  • A bit expensive
  • Need to clean lenses frequently

Seeven Score: 6 / 7

Link: Amazon

6. HyperX Spectre First Edition – Best Gaming Glasses for Premium Users

HyperX Spectre First Edition - Best Gaming Glasses for Premium Users
HyperX Spectre First Edition

Gunnar may have popularized the term “gaming glasses,” but there are plenty of other firms who provide computer-friendly, blue-light-blocking eyewear. HyperX, a Kingston company, has its own line of gaming glasses dubbed HyperX Gaming Eyewear. These glasses are well-made and comfortable, and they decrease blue light without distorting colors.

It is almost impossible to distinguish the gaming lenses used in HyperX from ordinary lenses. They may appear to be similar, but they offer the best UV and blue light protection. These sunglasses are water, grease, and dust resistant, and they include MR-8 lenses that are crystal clear. These fashionable lenses protect your eyes from damaging UV and blue light while causing little color distortion.

The HyperX Spectre is exceptionally lightweight, and is made to be worn with headsets without difficulty. When you start wearing these quality gaming glasses, you will notice an almost instant boost in comfort and a reduction in headaches and eye strain.

The HyperX Spectre has HyperX’s distinctive comfort. It is designed to be utilized throughout the day. The trustworthy safeguards ensure that you are protected against digital eye strain. Being one of the best gaming glasses available on the market, these glasses will provide you with a satisfying gaming experience as well as a safe time in front of the screen.


  • Ligthweight and comfortable
  • Possible to get with prescription lenses
  • Easy to care
  • Compatible with headsets


  • Expensive
  • Only single frame option

Seeven Score: 6.5 / 7

Link: Amazon

7. HyperX Spectre React – Best Gaming Glasses for Outdoors

HyperX Spectre React - Best Gaming Glasses for Outdoors
HyperX Spectre React

HyperX created the Spectre Eyewear collection to preserve your vision while still delivering fashionable eyewear. The HyperX Spectre range offers a variety of attractive, durable, and comfortable eyewear solutions, and all of them include lenses that block blue light from getting into your eyes. The HyperX Spectre React is a special one as it comes with polarized lenses meaning that you get a pair of sunglasses for yourself!

Optional polarized clip-on sunglass lenses with magnets are available in the React collection to assist minimize glare and protect against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. To reduce eye strain, the React features crystal clear polycarbonate lenses. The frame has a flexible construction that adapts to different head shapes and sizes, as well as ultra-thin flexible rubber temple tips for better headset compatibility, and comes in a variety of designs. All Spectre sunglasses come with a hard case and a microfiber bag, and come in a variety of sizes.

For those looking for the best gaming glasses to wear outside, the HyperX Spectre React is a solid option. They are lightweight, comfortable, and do not alter the appearance of games in any way.


  • Clip-on polarized lenses provide UV protection outside
  • Possible to get with prescribed lenses
  • Really lightweight and comfortable
  • Headset compatible


  • Expensive
  • Not the most durable materials

Seeven Score: 6 / 7

Link: Amazon

And that’s it; these are the seven best gaming glasses you can get to keep your eyes safe during your gaming sessions. Hope this list helped you pick the correct glasses to protect the precious eyes and make your gaming more comfortable. Don’t forget to check our list of the best gaming tablets if you want to jump into the tablet gaming world with the best gaming tablet to enjoy those new games on the go.

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