7 Best Face Rollers to Buy on Amazon in 2022

Face rollers, which are generally made of materials like jade, rose quartz, amethyst, or stainless steel, look beautiful and perform exactly what their name says. If you can find the best face roller for your skin, you will understand how amazing they are. A smooth stone or metal surface glides over the contours of your face, supposedly providing a variety of advantages ranging from puffiness reduction and skin tightening to wrinkle reduction and product absorption.

But how much good does it do to roll a stone over your face? Although jade rollers have been used in Chinese beauty rituals since the seventh century, the question of whether modern face rollers genuinely impact the appearance and feel of skin has been a fiercely disputed issue in recent years as the practice has resurfaced.

While some may be dubious of the real effects that facial rollers provide, the fact is that the best face rollers can sculpt, debloat, smooth, and massage your facial skin while also targeting some of your top skincare issues. They assist in stimulating the flow of blood in your face to reduce puffiness and keep your skin looking and feeling revitalized, much like a professional in-salon treatment. Face rollers, like a good facial massage, target and stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps to eliminate toxins and relieve muscular tension.

It might be tough to determine what is the best facial roller for you, given the extreme amount of options out there. That is where we come in to help you, to make sure you are giving the best treatment to your face with the correct roller for your face. Also, you can take a look at the other products, such as toners, exfoliators, or moisturizers to make sure you are giving the best treatment to your precious face!

1. Esarora Ice Roller – Best Face Roller for Cooling

 ESARORA Ice Roller - Best Face Roller for Cooling
Esarora Ice Roller

Esarora’s ice roller provides all of the advantages of skin icing without the exorbitant price tag. You won’t know how you lived before you discovered the magic of this affordable ice roller.

Keep in the freezer for quick access and an immediate cooling impact to help with puffy under-eyes first thing in the morning. To completely optimize the advantages of the chilling effect and truly revitalize your skin, we recommend preparing your skin with the most delicate face moisturizer you can find.

Use this with repeated motions for five to ten minutes while watching the morning news and making coffee. With consistent application, you will notice an immediate improvement in the firmness of your skin and the tightness of your jawlines. Get your hands on this must-have face roller.


  • Affordable price
  • Detachable head makes it easy to store
  • Seven colors to pick from
  • Can get cold very fast in freezer


  • Head needs to be stored in the fridge all the time
  • Facial hair can get stuck in between the rolls
  • Gets warm pretty quick

Seeven Score: 5.5 / 7

Link: Amazon

2. Nurse Jamie Nuvibe Rx Amethyst – Best Face Roller with Vibration

Nurse Jamie Nuvibe Rx Amethyst - Best Vibrating Face Roller
Nurse Jamie Nuvibe Rx Amethyst

This premium massaging facial roller uses sonic vibration and the advantages of amethyst stones to reduce toxins and germs, making it an easy-to-use remedy for wrinkles and aged skin. The massaging qualities of this face roller, designed to target and smooth out small wrinkles, will offer you a self-care moment you’ll look forward to all day.

This face roller is one of a kind since it combines amethyst stones with ultrasonic technology, which is seldom seen in one cosmetic item. It blends the traditional benefits of face rolling with cutting-edge technology for a really effective nighttime skincare regimen.

Another good thing about this face roller is its small size, making it easy to transport and use. While some of the heavier face rollers would tire out your arm fast, this combo facial roller is light enough to use for extended periods. This is the best face roller you can get if you are looking for a vibrating one.


  • Lightweight and very easy to use
  • Combines technology with amethyst stones
  • Can be used on the sensitive parts of the face


  • Expensive
  • Durability is an issue for some users

Seeven Score: 5 / 7

Link: Amazon

3. Herbivore Rose Quartz – Best Face Roller with Rose Quartz

Herbivore Rose Quartz - Best Face Roller with Rose Quartz
Herbivore Rose Quartz

Next on the list, we have a face roller made of rose quartz that aids lymphatic drainage and reduces puffiness and wrinkles.

Rose quartz is connected with the heart chakra in crystal healing, so if you are in need of some self-love, do not be too hard on yourself and prioritize a moment of self-care with this rose face roller from Herbivore. It promotes relaxation and tranquillity while also activating the lymphatic system for a rapid skin cleansing.

The instrument is meant to be actually rolled across the face in upward motions against gravity with rose quartz, a gemstone that reportedly helps attract love and is renowned as the universal stone of love. The forward movements and cool-to-the-touch stone help depuff skin and improve circulation. This might be the best face roller if you are looking for a rose quartz one. Also, it is better to keep it in the fridge before using it on your face.


  • Good for improving the elasticity of the skin
  • Reduces puffiness and fine lines
  • Eases muscle tension


  • Durability can be an issue
  • A bit expensive

Seeven Score: 6 / 7

Link: Amazon

4. ReFa Carat – Best Premium Face Roller

ReFa Carat - Best Premium Face Roller
ReFa Carat

This face roller from ReFa, which has a 360-degree, multi-angle construction, is designed to mimic the mild pinching and kneading feeling that your esthetician applies during your in-office treatment. Although this face roller is more expensive than others, it gets the job done and is well worth the money.

ReFa Carat face roller, unlike others, has a precise, 360-degree design that massages your face skillfully. A tiny solar panel on the handle can convert natural and indoor light into microcurrents, which may be used to refresh your skin and stimulate circulation. This simple face roller provides a relaxing face massage that successfully depuffs and tightens skin.

Moreover, it will endure a long time because it requires no maintenance or new parts. Its effects in smoothing out the complexion, minimizing morning puffiness, and making the skin seem more supple are subtle. The tingling sensation is so light that it does not cause any discomfort, although it does leave the skin warm. This is the best face roller you can get if you can afford the premium price tag.


  • Solar panels on the handle converst light into microcurrents
  • 360-degree design makes massaging your face easy
  • Lifts and firms sagging skin
  • No maintainance required


  • Expensive

Seeven Score: 6.5 / 7

Link: Amazon

5. House of Rhone Facial Massager – Best Face Roller for Sculpting

House of Rhone Facial Massager - Best Face Roller for Sculpting
House of Rhone Facial Massager

The House of Rhone face roller is a portable facial massage tool that may be used on your face and neck regularly. Its unique design cradles the muscle from both sides, increasing stimulation and aiding in sculpting and tightening!

This face roller is great for shaping and toning the skin since it is designed to mimic the sensation and impact of a professional facial massage. It softly shapes your face while firming the structure of your skin for a more youthful appearance. After applying your preferred serum or moisturizer, roll it outward from the middle of your face for a truly soothing experience.

This face roller’s carefully positioned revolving balls simulate a facialist’s massage motion. This is the best face roller you can get to relieve stress and add radiance to your skin.


  • Stays cool for a long time
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Comes with a nice carrying pouch


  • Expensive
  • Not the most durable build

Seeven Score: 6.5 / 7

Link: Amazon

6. Mount Lai Jade – Best Face Roller for Depuffing

Mount Lai Jade - Best Face Roller for Depuffing
Mount Lai Jade

One of the most delightful and soothing advantages of any face roller is the cooling effect. Jade stones, in particular, are recognized for keeping their cool for an extended period of time. When you conclude your face care regimen, these stones are just as refreshing as they were when you started. However, it might be hard to pick the best face roller with jade stone as they are almost identical. This is where Mount Lai shines as it is made of quality jade!

This jade roller from Mount Lai feels excellent on the skin right away, but you can store it in the freezer to make it even cooler. Most jade rollers squeak a little when you move them across your face, but this one is far quieter than others. It also comes in a lovely satin-lined box with slots for storing the roller when not in use.

It is excellent for treating various skincare concerns, as it is soothing on red and irritated parts of the skin and rejuvenating on general facial skin. Consider fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness, and the loss of skin suppleness that we all experience as we get older.

The two-sized heads make this face roller easy to use. The smaller head fits snuggly into your undereye area for general puffy eye relief and sinus discharge, allowing you to breathe better than before. This jade roller should be used as the last step in your nighttime skincare routine or first thing in the morning to give your skin a boost.


  • Affordable price
  • Good against puffiness and facial tension
  • Two different sized heads make it easy to use on all face
  • Jade stones can stay cool for a long time


  • Not the most durable face roller

Seeven Score: 7 / 7

Link: Amazon

7. Revlon Volcanic Face Roller – Best Face Roller for Oily Skin

Revlon Volcanic Face Roller - Best Face Roller for Oily Skin
Revlon Volcanic Face Roller

Revlon’s Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Stone Roller is a little, hand-held, and oil-absorbing face roller constructed of genuine volcanic stone that can be used on the go, which absorbs excess oil on the skin instantaneously. This is the best face roller you can get if you have oily skin.

It’s made to absorb oil and shine from the skin by simply rolling the ball over your face to mattify fast without upsetting your makeup underneath. The length of time that the mattifying effect on the oily skin depends on your skin type and how much oil it generates, just like any other oil-absorbing lotion.

It may also be used as a little facial massager and can be used anyplace to aid with shine. It’s better for the environment than buying disposable blotting sheets since you can wash the ball and reuse it the next day when it’s thoroughly dried.

Despite its mobility and almost magical capacity to keep foundation makeup intact, this Volcanic Face Roller from Revlon has one major drawback to consider. Even if you can wash it, if it collects oils, it will be tougher to clean. You may clean the Face Roller by unscrewing the top, removing the ball, washing it with soap and warm water, and then letting it dry. It would be best if you washed it more regularly the more you use it.


  • Affordable
  • Good at mattifying oily skin
  • Washable and reusable
  • Gives a natural look to the face


  • Can be hard to clean after some time
  • Makes a weird sound on the face

Seeven Score: 6 / 7

Link: Amazon

And that’s it; these are the seven best face rollers you can get on Amazon to make your precious face safe and smooth. Hope this list helped you to pick the correct facial roller to improve your facecare routine. Don’t forget to check our list of the best face toners if you want to make sure your face stays bright and shiny all the time!

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